Why Meditate

TM is easily learnt and is enjoyable and brings practical benefits in all areas of life – mind, body, behaviour and also in our environment and society. People notice benefits in the first days of meditation and that these become more established with regular practice. TM was recently featured on the ABC program “Catalyst” - view the section on the ABC’s website.

Better Health and Reduced Stress

TM is a profoundly relaxing technique yet it is much more than this. The deep rest gained by the body allows the dissolution of accumulated stress and tension, while the increased orderliness in brain functioning that occurs during TM activates the body’s inherent self repair (homeostatic) mechanisms. One feels refreshed, rejuvenated, and more peaceful and centred and less impacted by the stress that comes through the day. Since stress is the main contributing factor to disease and ill health the release of stress that TM achieves leads to improved health and well being.

Health benefits of TM have been extensively researched and include:

  • Reduced hypertension
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced insomnia
  • Reduced biological ageing
  • Reduced hospitalisation and doctors visits
  • Decreased substance abuse
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Recently TM has been used to combat post traumatic stress disorder in war veterans - click here to find out more

Happiness and Well Being

  • Stillness and greater clarity of thinking
  • Inner peace and contentment
  • Greater joy in daily living
  • Equanimity
  • More fulfilling social interactions and improved relationships
  • Feel more at home with yourself


Success and Job Productivity

Improved health and energy levels along with greater happiness and clarity of mind result in more efficient work and greater success in achieving our goals. People report they are more settled, focussed, and productive and that work goes more easily and smoothly. Many very busy professional and business people practice TM because it makes them more successful and that the 15 – 20 minutes twice daily practice is time well spent.

Creativity and Ability to Problem Solve

Creative people find TM an invaluable tool for boosting their talents.

“The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless way to ‘dive within’, to experience an ocean of pure consciousness, pure creativity, pure knowingness. It’s a unique experience but also one that is very familiar – it is your own Self. I have never missed a meditation in 34 years. I meditate once in the morning and once in the afternoon for about 20 minutes each time. Then I go about the business of the day. I find the joy of ‘doing’ increases. Creativity increases. Intuition increases. The pleasure of life grows. And negativity recedes.” - David Lynch.

See the David Lynch Foundation website

Mr. Lynch is an award-winning filmmaker (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mulhollan Drive, INLAND EMPIRE), photographer, painter, songwriter, and musician, and author of Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity.


  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, bullying and violence
  • Reduced Teacher “burn out”

These benefits have led to a dramatic increase in the application of the TM program in schools especially in the US where over 100 secondary schools in the New York area are adopting it. The Program is called Consciousness Based education and involves the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation Program to schools.

See the David Lynch Foundation website

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