Learn how to Meditate in Canberra

Introductory Talks Wednesday at 7:00pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm

These talks are free and last for about an hour and cover how TM works, its benefits in daily life and the practicalities of learning. The origin of the technique and its uniqueness are also discussed. Bookings are necessary. To book, please contact us.

Where does TM® Come From?

The Transcendental Meditation technique® comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India and has been passed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who came from this tradition, introduced TM to the world about 50 years ago and restored the knowledge and experience of higher states of consciousness at this crucial time for humanity.

Maharishi systematized the process of TM instruction and trained over 40,000 teachers of this technique world wide. When we teach TM today it is taught with the same procedures that have been used by teachers thousands of years ago to ensure maximum effectiveness.

TM is Different to Other Meditation Techniques

There are many types and forms of meditation available in the world today. Fundamentally TM is unique in its naturalness and effortlessness. No effort is required at all.

Other meditation techniques involve either some concentration, or control of the mind or contemplation – thinking about something. Concentration practices keep the mind actively engaged, for example by focusing on an object or your breath or directing ones attention in some way. Contemplation practices keep one aware of thoughts or images. These practices keep the mind active in some way on the surface thinking level.

TM can be described as automatic self transcending. It allows the mind to simply, naturally and effortlessly transcend (go beyond) thinking and experience a state of restful inner alertness.

Canberra Meditation Centre

TM is Easy to Learn

TM is easily learned. TM is taught through personal one to one instruction by certified teachers in a structured 7 step process.

The steps are:

  • Step 1: Introductory talk (1 hour)
    These are free and are offered twice weekly at the Yarralumla Centre and may also be scheduled at other times by appointment
  • Step 2: Preparatory talk (40 minutes)
    This can be given after the introductory talk
  • Step 3: Short interview with a certified teacher after the Preparatory talk
  • Step 4 – 7: Course of instruction in the technique (60 – 90 minutes) over 4 consecutive days.

After your course

After the course of instruction you are welcome to attend group meditations and advanced knowledge meetings at our Canberra centre, or at any Transcendental Meditation centre, worldwide. These sessions are provided at no charge.

Accredited Teachers

Be sure that you are learning the Transcendental Meditation technique as taught by the its founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This technique can be taught only by a Certified Teacher who only teaches through the non-profit organisations licensed to use the registered trade mark "Transcendental Meditation". This ensures that you gain the full benefits of learning the technique researched in over 600 studies worldwide.

To confirm that the person offering to teach you the Transcendental Meditation technique is a Certified Teacher, enquire through the official Transcendental Meditation Australia website. You can participate in the full ongoing program of knowledge and experience offered designed by Maharishi only if you learn Transcendental Meditation from a Certified Teacher. There are no alternative names for Transcendental Meditation.